Friday, September 25, 2009

There Are No Knitting Police

Hear ye, hear ye!

After finishing 4 projects in less than a month, and having made considerable progress on the Wrap me Up Shawl......And faced with the prospect with a long car ride to West Branch, with only socks to work on......And armed with the knowledge that there are NO knitting police.....

You guessed it. I started a new project.

I am using the mill ends I purchased on the Spin Guild field trip to Stonehedge Mill this past June, and have cast on for a Pi Are Square Shawl.

It will be travel project only for now that I have started for the trip to Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool. Since I don't have to drive this year, I will knit. I will finish at least the Wrap Me Up before this travels to Knit Nite. I will return to the February Lady Sweater as well while this is in progress.

But, as I said, there are no knitting police, so:

Nanner, Nanner, Nanner.

I started a new project.

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