Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Job Depression

I filled out a job app today.
There was a notice in the paper this past week about the opening and so I trotted in first thing today with my resume, ready to roll. So were at least 5 other people, as well as one on the phone who had called for directions.
Since I thought perhaps some of the phone numbers from my last place of employment may have changed, I took the aplication with me and returned at noon with it. I did have to use different numbers than I had used before. And at least when I took my application in, no one else was there.
But as my contact at the last job (a propane company) mentioned, perhaps they have no experience with a propane company, which this is. So at least there is that to hang on to.
But I'm not gonna hold my breath waiting for an interview.

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My8kidsmom said...

Things will look up soon. They have to right? Right? Hugs!!!