Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Day in the Sun

Fun times were had at the White Cloud fiber festival yesterday.
When you consider that The Old Farm Girl has only been open a few months I think we attracted quite a few people. There were several people with vendor booths set up. On a personal note I don't know how I got tan and red mohair boucle yarns. It just jumped from the "special boxes" into my spinning basket--that's my story and I am sticking to it. But I will state that Mohair in Motion seemed to be my especially nemesis.
Cara was there with some of her alpaca fleece. Lovely colors, and gee, just how did I end up with those two 4 ounce bags of fawn fleece?Its like I'm a fleece magnet. A link to her blog, alpaca life is in the new segment on my sidebar of "blogs I follow."
She spins her fleece just flicked into a soft cloud. Look at that flyer go.

Quite a few of my fiber friends were there and we gathered under Sheila's canopy for a wonderful spin in. Louet seemed to be the wheel of choice, with 4 of them there, 3 under the canopy and Sue Ann had hers in her booth. My Joy and Dawn's new/old Kiwi that she brought from Kelly were the only other wheels under the canopy. Betty of Mohair in Motion also had an Ashford, a Country Spinner that she used to ply sparkle yarns with some of the mohair.
If you lookly at the wheel on the bottom, slightly right of center you may be able to tell that I chose a lovely pink blend of mohair, alpaca and wool to spin. I got almost half of my roving spun while there.

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