Sunday, September 13, 2009

List of Nines--part 5 Vacation Spots I'll Never See

SInce I won't fly, much as I would love to see these places, barring an unexpected inheritance or lottery win that would finance a world cruise, I probably will never step foot in these places.
  1. England. Besides all the historic places to visit, I could again look for ancestors.
  2. Ireland. Great Granny Hurley's homeland will also be safe from my digging.
  3. Hawaii. I probably would be too hot there anyway. I don't like weather much if it gets over 75 degrees.
  4. California. I would be nervous the whole state would be on the verge of sliding into the ocean. And not much there that I would realy want to see anyway.
  5. Mexico. Again the heat. And the only Spanish I know, I've learned from Sesame Street.
  6. Taj Mahal. Probably would be awfully crowded there. But at least I could see where all our old jobs went.
  7. Australia. That would be a really long boat ride to get there.
  8. New Zealand, all those wooly sheep, all that wonder wool. The home of my spinning wheel.
  9. Antartica--all that lovely snow and penguins.

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