Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The List of 9's

I realized earlier today, that today is one of those days that only come around once in a hundred years. Its 9-9-09. And in honor of this unique date, I have come up with nine lists of nine items. I will be posting them over the next nine days. Along with the regular blog fodder of course.
I begin now with the first list.
Nine Notable Socks I Love
  1. The Yarn Harlot's basic plain vanilla sock pattern--so versatile. So easy to memorize. Wonderful with all kinds of yarns.
  2. Sunday Swing Socks, a pattern that is rocking the knitting world from the Summer 09 Knitty magazine. Looks pretty, looks easy. They are on my short list.
  3. My current project of Chevron socks from Sensational Socks. I like how it breaks up the stripes.
  4. Iowa Cruise Socks by Cottage Creations. I have a pair knit in pink Lion Brand Wool Ease. So comfy and warm, great house socks. Being made in worsted, I can't fit them in my boots, but invaluable around the house.
  5. My first sock design--Patriotic Funky Toes. I spun the yarn in stripes of red, white and blue and then plied with solid creamy white wool. These were made with the Welt Fantastic pattern, again from Sensational socks. I had to reduce the stitch count, and make with bigger needles than I planned. But pure wool and so nice on cold days in the drafty old farmhouse we call home. An upside, on the rare occasions when the house is cold when the wind blows straight from Barrow Alaska to our house, they stay on in bed! The short-row heel is snug, so probably won't be making that style heel for me in future.
  6. My Mini Moochi Peony socks--made in the plain vanilla pattern and soooo fuzzy and soft.
  7. My plain vanilla socks in the Cherry Festival colorway, an extinct colorway now, but well loved.
  8. Spiral Stripe Socks. Alas, with no reinforcement, I wore a hole in each heel. But love the concept and will be recreating these again.
  9. And last but first in my heart--First Socks. The first socks I knit are baggy, and have a dropped stitch that I picked up and hooked back till I could secure it on the back, but I am still so proud of them. My first step from being a knitter, to being a Knitter.

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