Thursday, September 24, 2009

Loopy Friend

I finally brown down and placed an order with Loopy Ewe. I had been mulling over a pair of socks I made a couple years ago. Last year I went to put them on, and there was a big hole on the back of the leg, above the heel. Too large to darn--besides it was in the lacy area. Too good to toss. They were Lorna's Laces Shepherd Socks in Bittersweet. Not enough left over yarn to duplicate the sock from the hole on.
So I finally broke down and ordered one skein to reproduce one sock. I sure hope I can figure out what the pattern was in Sensational Socks, although I can tell it has an eye-of-partridge heel. They were a pre-Ravelry pair, so no help by checking my past projects.
Sooo--I hope to pick up the stitches in the plain stitch area above the hole, and cut/frog back to the needles. And then knit from there.
I feel better about the salvaged pair. Not so good about picking up stitches. (It is a plain stockinette area, but part of a chevron, so zig-zaggy. But--if I pick up the stitches correctly, less than one sock needed to finish the pair.
Just what I needed, a challenge.

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