Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Surprise Delivery

When I got home today, after enduring the annual Mammogram, (always fun) waiting on my bed was my fleece from Zeilingers. This is a blend of brown shetland I got a year ago from a friend and the lambs first fleece Katie gave me at the fair this past August. The transformation from dirty, lanolin laden wool to soft and sumptous roving is amazing. I love it. The white is so soft and sort of surrounds the brown Shetland. The two colors should be great when spun together. Also it is so fun the way its packed into that tiny box and then just explodes into lovey loftiness--notice how it is so much bigger than the box it just came in?

I think I will have to put a handspun and hand knit hat on my queue for Katie. I have a pattern for a great hat for doing chores, it even keeps the neck covered.

I mentioned before how, now that the boys have both moved out I have become the designated farm hand. Now that Hubby has Bro-in-Law working on the room (one paint coat down, one to go. --no picture yet.), he is free to start cutting some of the slab wood he has piled up between the garage and barn. The path has been getting quit narrow, and dangerous to traverse in the dark, since it blocks the yard light. Since some of the pieces he has brought home are 12 feet long, or more, you just know who has been drafted into helping. Basically I just hold the end of the slab until he has it cut down to a more manageable length. He does have it down to a science. His buzz saw runs off the tractor, he puts the 2 wheeled trailer on the lawn tractor and cuts and tosses into the wagon. And remember the 4ft barn fan he had in the house to blow out the dry wall dust? He plugged that in outside so even thought it was close to 80 degrees and past my comfort level, we had a delightful breeze.

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