Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sad News

A little sad news, Mr Mocha S Bunny passed away yesterday, following the hottest day of the year. 
Although he had been given some frozen water bottles to cool off next to the previous day, when his person arrived home from work Wednesday at 2:30, he was gone.  His affliction came on suddenly, as the evening before he was as lively as ever.  But that morning when bunny chores were being done, he lay quietly but alert in his cage, not even hopping up for his morning papaya chunk.
Mr Mocha S Bunny leaves a sad group of friends consisting of his person, Linda and family, Mr Gilbert Armenus his best poodle pal, and a vast number of barn kitties to mourn his passing. 
Mr Mocha did leave a last will and testement, bequeathing all his remaing papaya chunks (almost 2 full containers) to the Angora Girls and their Blue Buddy.

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