Sunday, September 14, 2008

Knitting Progress

I was able to add a lot of new and finished projects when I updated my Ravelry account last week. I should be able to add some more today as well. I finished by Patriotic collar scarf. It is the heavy worsted wool/mohair in the 1776 Liberty colorway by Lorna's Lace. I love it so much I have ordered some sock yarn in the same color.

I have also been making some progress on the Green/Rose cardigan. I have been putting in markers for the "side seam" and counted back stitches for starting the pocket. I have decided to make 2 slide pockets, similar to the Wallaby. I plan to pick and knit from the bottom and then when I add the button band, I can pick up those stitches through both the fronts and the pocket edge. And of course, the tops of the pockets will be fused by knitting the last row together with the body stitches. The little pink marker is where I have decided to start the pocket on one side. I would like to cast on a couple extra stitches and border the pocket edge with an I-cord. I still have to think about that a smidge. I would rather not have garter stitch because it tends to pull a little bit on my wallaby. I want to finish the ball of yarn I am on, almost anyway, then start the 2 pockets. Then they can hang on the stitch holders until I get enough rows done to fuse to the body.

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