Thursday, September 4, 2008

Blatant Political Message, Feel Free to Ignore

While I do have strong political feelings, I often do not bring them out in the open.  I hate controversy and arguments. 
However, that said, and with the above warning, I gotta say, I love Sara Palin.  She gave a strong speech last night and delivered it with style and humor.  After so long of being turned off by "that other female candidate", Sarah is a breath of fresh air.  Until a week ago, I was definitely not going to vote for Obama, wanting to be able to hang on to what little money I do have, among other reasons.  I was not thrilled with John McCain but saw no real alternative.  Now granted, Sarah is only the VP pick, but she represents many of my same values and if she is the message McCain wants to portray, I am energized and ready to vote. 
You go girl!   I may someday be able to vote for a woman for president after all.

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Roger said...

Wasn't her speach amazing? I found myself drwn without meaning to watch it! I feel I connect with her more than any candidate in that high of a position!