Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rain Rain--Go Away

It is a dark and dreary day. I should count my blessings--Ike is greatly diminished and we are just getting a bit of the rain left from the Hurricane. I spent a lot of the weekend watching hurricane coverage and marveling at people who stayed on Galveston, having been told they were risking probable death.

We have been getting rain almost all week. However it did stop long enough for some men to stop by and make a big mess out of our yard. What are they doing you say? Well that mess on the yard is white steel and we had the upper portion of our roof replaced. It had been a bit leaky and Hubby wanted it finished before he started adding insulation and dry wall to my new craft room. The were rained out on Monday morning when they first started, but as you can see here Tuesday was sunny and clear. They got it all done and now we are sitting tight and dry. Hubby even went upstairs yesterday to check out the bad spots and everything was dry. Yea.

Due to cost we are holding off on the bottom section right now, but this seems to have stopped the drips.

And just to make this rainy day even better....Kyle Bush is having car troubles. Awww. (Tee Hee)

Life is good.

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