Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Finding a Fichu

Finished the Cinnamon Wave Wrap, except for blocking of course. 
Finished spinning and plying the BFL from Spunky Eclectic in colorway Venus.  Glorius, soft brown with wine accents.  I plied it on itself.  I made a center pull ball and plied from both ends.  Only problem was when I got to the very end--about 5 yards left or so.  But it gently untangled and I saved the whole shebang!  Now--what can I make with it.  I am thinking a lacy scarf as it is VERY soft and lush feeling.  Or a small shoulder shawl of some kind--what do they call them--a fichu?  I think that is it.  I found a pattern to purchase (baxterknits.blogspot.com) that has caught my eye.  I will debate that, althoght it takes more yarn than I have of Venus, I could find something else to make it out of.
The yarn is about dk weight and over 100 yards, but not sure exactly how many.  I will need to see what kind of pattern I can come up with.
I worked for Jane at the store yesterday.  I almost broke even.  I did spend $16 on yarn for a shawl, possibly to donate or sell.  It was colors that are not "mine" so it would be easy to give up.
I also splurged on the last 2 skeins she had of Lorna's Laces Liberty, in the worsted weight wool and mohair blend (bullfrogs & butterflies?). I have always loved that color way and am comtemplating a shape-it scarf or something similar from that.
Picked beans in the near dark last night.  I need to put a canopy over the garden if Hubby wants me to pick beans in this heat. 
I'm ready for a blizzard.

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