Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Paint and everything

Wow, can you believe it? The first coat of paint is hitting the walls today, after baseboard and window trim go up. Frankly I was hoping to have trim put up later, and painted white, but hey, if the work is getting done and even if it all ends up being green, at least I can get my yarn and roving moved into the room quicker. Maybe I better let Jane know she can get my Ashford Traditional spinning wheel stained and assembled. The room will be ready for it soon.
At knit night last night, Jane unpacked her new Majacraft spinning wheel and before it was even out of the


box, Cindy had claimed it. It is a Millie; an adorable little wheel, looking sort of like a chair. It is quiet and smooth running and Cindy was in raptures over it. Here is a picture, Isn't it cute?

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