Monday, September 22, 2008

Room Progress

My new craft room is progressing much more quickly than I ever expected. The dry wall is all done, with this picture taken while during the overnight break.

Brother-in-law Carl has given up on getting effective help from Hubby. He tends to wonder off to do chores, feed calves, spread manure...anything to get out of the way. So Carl has been bringing a bored, retired friend of his along with him. Not only is the drywall all up but they finished the first coat of taping and mudding. Tomorrow I suppose the house will be a mess of dust, but they do tend to shut the door when they work. After the dry wall was up, the floor was quite covered with gypsum dust. So good old Hubby had the answer. He brought in his barn fan to blow the dust out the window. Of course since the fan was WAY bigger than the window, a lot of dust just got kicked up. Cough cough, hack hack.

Family friends may recognize this as the same fan that Oldest Son took to school with him the last week or so of his senior year. One of his classes had no windows so the room was stuff. No doubt this stirred up a breeze.

Oh, dare I cheer just a little? Christy's fave driver Greg Biffle has won 2 in a row, and Kyle Busch has bombed out 2 in a row. AND, my man Mark Martin has, as usual, made another respectable showing. I am so excited that he is driving full time next year.

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Christylea said...

Thanks for recognizing Biffle, Linda!
Glad the room is progressing. Never heard about Bob bringing the fan to school!