Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hurricanes and Sweaters

It wasn't as soon as I thought but I did finally finish the front on my shapely tee just last night. I immediately cast on for the back and then will have the sleeves and sewing. Hmmm, may not be done before the hot weather ends. At least I hope the hot weather doesn't last that long. The straps are wider than they look here. The stockinette stitch tends to curl.

I have worked some on the Cinnamon Wave Wrap. Since the church has had its grand opening for the addition and we are using the kitchen, I decided I better that that "wrapped" up. I want to do one set of pattern repeat rows and that will be it except for blocking. I haven't gotten a piece of blocking board. I may take some money to the local lumber company to see what I can find.

With no NASCAR today till late (probably even too late for me since it is a night race in California), I have had Fox News on all day long. Even giving up "Spencer Tracey Day" on Turner Classic Movie Channel. I am glad to see that the mayor and people of New Orleans are responding to the threat of Gustav a little more than they did with Katrina. Hubby and I are basically overdosing on hurricane and Republican convention updates. Of course no positive site pinpointed yet for landfall, but "Nawlins" probably will be getting the worse of the storm surge, rain and wind from the way it looks. Man--I was there once for few days and was heading out of town one dark and stormy and very rainy night. All I could think of then was the fact I was under sea level. How can people stand to live there? I was nervous being there just for that one rain storm.

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Angie J said...

Hey Linda Mom uses these really huge large jigsaw foam pieces we picked up at Toys R Us for blocking. Normally you find them around the swimming foam things. They work awesome.

Great Job on the Tee