Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Knitted Tam

I started a wool tam last night at Knit Nite.  I want a hat that will go over my hair clippy.  It is looking pretty good for the first attempt.   However, I think I should have used a smaller size on the ribbing.  I am considering ripping it back and starting over on size 5 dps then going to the size 7, 16 inch circ when I switch to stockinette.  The yarn is a lovely natural colored wool with tweedy bits in it.  It should go well with my  taupe colored winter coat, as well as my mobius scarf.
So it is sitting on the needles right now while I am at work, contemplating its fate.  Maybe I should have started with the scraps of Encore for the test hat.  It is a long time till winter after all.
Pictures will come once I make a decision.

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