Sunday, August 24, 2008

Demo Days

While my blog posts (or lack there of) make it seem as though there is nothing in my life to write about, quite the opposit is true.
I mentioned that Hubbys brother came last week to survey the project of replacing the ceiling in the former boys room, future craft room. I went off merrily to work but when I came home, I find that the new revised plan is to totally gut the room. Ceiling, walls, maybe even the floor now are going to be replaced. My Hubby has been spending the evenings (when I am home) tearing down plaster and wall board. The dust was horrible. I finally convinced him to open the storm windows and set a fan in the window. It is not so bad now. He is not the most handy when it comes to home repairs and this is major. Its going to be a long couple weeks until it is rebuilt.
I have to keep reminding mys self.
Craft room.
Craft room.

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