Sunday, August 24, 2008

Knitting Updates

I have been working on my shapely tee and today I got the the place where I cast off the center front. Now I am just working on the 2 shoulders and hopefully will have the front finished today.

I also started a new cardigan. Using just Elizabeth Zimmerman's percentage system and Knitting in the Old Way, I am forging ahead with no pattern, just a plan. I plan to add pockets and have raglan sleeves. The hardest part was deciding whether to go top down or bottom up. Since I have some 60 inch cables for my Knit Picks Options needles (the stainless ones for speed instead of the wooden ones) I figured I could transfer the stitches to that to do "try ons" while in progress.
It isn't wool, but a nice quality acrylic. It has a long color change from green, gray to pink with a constant ply of a yellow green. The pictures don't really capture it right.
I cast on Thursday and worked on the ribbing while riding to St Joe and back on Friday.
The trip was with Mary to visit Christy. She is starting her 2nd year teaching and last year we went down to help her set up her classroom. It was much farther along that last year. (The end of August and she still didn't have desks!) But even with desks, she had a to-do list a mile long on the white board. (What ever happened to blackboards?) But, despite of a trip out for lunch and a trip to the new condo to check out the new digs, we managed to finish everything on the list.
The trip down we were delivering her Buick to her, which she had swapped for her brother-in-law's farm fan. We got to drive down in lovely air-conditioned comfort. Some rain on the way down but nothing like the wind and falling trees we had last year on the trip home. The highlight this time was the trip back in the farm van.
Imagine it--no AC, lights on the dash that kept flashing. Hot, hot, hot. And all backed up with the aroma of musty feed, milk replacer and manury barn boots. Mmmmmmm, just like Hubbys truck.


Roger said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your ride! We aim to please :)

Christylea said...

Ha! I really enjoyed the van! Should have put out that extra air freshener like I suggested!