Thursday, August 14, 2008

Knit Tam--Revisited

Well, I did decide to frog the entire hat and start over.  Right now I am about an inch into the body.  I need to recalculate the row gauge to figure out how long I need to make it.  I didn't record that on my swatch.  I hope it turns out.  Maybe I can take some of my handspun and make fair isle hats if this turns out.  And, yeah, I will try to get a picture.  I also want to get the blue green sock done so I can mark it finished on Ravelry (I am "farmmom" there.)
Hopefully I can get a lot of knitting done tonight.  I am aiming for an early supper, clear up the remains and settle down to an evening of knitting and/or spinning while watching "Pride and Prejudice" on Turner Classic Movies.  The "real" version with Greer Garson.  I like the newer version, but ther is something I prefer about the older version.

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Anonymous said...

After all that work you ripped it out? Froggie says oops.