Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Countdown to Fair

Today and yesterday I have put in long shifts at the library, so I can have the last half of the week off for the fair. I can hardly wait. Today I am putting in 10 hours, after a 7.5 hr shift yesterday (substituting in Local History) and the last 5 hours tomorrow. Then on the the farm. Farmers Muffins, grilled cheese--my favorite fair time meals, and only available one week a year, at the Farm Bureau Cheese Booth.
There is nothing like sitting in a barn, surrounded by the waiting animals---chickens crowing, goats bleating, milk cows lowing and wanting a walk. Kids bleary-eyed in shorts and over-sized sweatshirts carrying buckets of feed. And enjoying it all, I'm on a bench munching a farmers muffin and sipping hot coffee.
Did I say I can hardly wait?
On other news, I am working away at the Shapely Tee and almost have bust shaping done. I am not going out all the way to my cup size, as the belly does tend to stick out as well, minimizing the difference. I also stopped by my favorite LYS--who really only sells online and to friends. I picked up a bright batch of Karaoke roving--bright rainbow colors. Will be fun to spin. I also got a batch of roving from Spunky Eclectic--I recently joined the fiber club but this a batch of hand dyed BFL, color way Venus from the Galaxy series. It is over-dyed on colored fiber and I love it. I hope to spin it soon--maybe at the fair.
As though I don't have enough fiber already. Where did I hear that recently? Oops, it was from me.

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Angie J said...

Okay what's a farmer's muffin? and What happened to not enhancing the stash hmmm.... You are as bad as I am with spindles. LOL. So will you share photos of this spunky electric roving hmmmm....