Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bad Influence? Who Me?

Now I am not going to claim to be a bad influence on anyone.  I may have been accused of being an enabler when someone is debating adding to their yarn or roving stash.  But aside from that, I'm clean.
But this morning when I got to work, my boss/friend Sandy informs me they are looking at buying another llama.  You may remember that I mentioned when she came to the fair she had made promises to buy a black male llama as well as 2 pygmy goats in after the forthcoming babies were weaned.  Now she is looking for another llama, and may have found one.  Heaven help us, a female.  I won't need to by fleeces, I may have them thrust upon me.
There are worse things in life than free fiber I guess.

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Angie J said...

When they get ready to give em a hair cut make sure you get a blower (opposite thing of a vacuum cleaner) and blow their coats out. Less sand in the fleece, and less wear and tear on the blades.