Monday, August 11, 2008

Grand Opening

Now that I have caught up on the events of the fair, I'll take time to mention the other big event of this past weekend.

Several years ago, a dear elderly lady from my church, who was one of our founding members, passed away and left a substantial bequest. Her dream was to have an addition with a parish hall and everything all on one level. Yesterday was the grand opening of our new handicapped accessible addition. Offices, bathrooms, parish hall/mission center all on one level. The kitchen is commercial grade, and we hope to be able to use it for fund raisers. We also have plans for our next rummage sale and being able to have it at the church, instead of at the fair grounds in one of the big buildings there.

It was quite the festive event. We had a ribbon cutting by a member who had been the chair of the original building committee for the main building built in 1963. "Hizzoner" the mayor even was there, and several area priests and pastors. We gave tours of the building and served punch, cookies and ice cream sundaes.

It was also the first day we were able to worship in the new /old nave. The colors have been changed from sort of a charcoal gray to a soft sandy beige with sage green accents. The altar area was widened and rearranged, and the overall effect is light, and airy and delightful.
I love this new building. When I was church secretary long ago, I longed for a bathroom where I didn't have to dash through the worship area, down the stairs and around the corner. Now there is a wonderful office for the secretary, and the coat room and bathrooms are right around the corner. The office isn't the alternate (and preferred) way into the church on weekends as it used to be when I was trying to type bulletins and announcements. So much more practical. When I was secretary, some Saturdays when I was working, the office was a veritable thoroughfare.

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