Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fair Week is Almost Here

Spent last evening setting up our historical display for the county fair. This historical committee has a display in one of the buildings and the theme this year is "Country School Days". We have some old style school desks with the seat and flip top desk on runners. A blackboard, picture of George Washington, and a pile of good old Dick and Jane books. With my new job at the library, I was able to obtain pictures of many of the old schools and class pictures. One of them is a 1895 football time at the local high school. I also have the picture of the building that looks like an old feed mill, that housed the first school on the upper floors. I fixed up a board displaying pictures and labels on both sides that I think will be a hit.
As always our building also houses some antique tractors and I think we are having someone bring in an old plow. Last year our best of show was a 100 year old manure spreader with a working wooden apron--clean and odor less but really cool.
As a result of fair week being upon us, I probably will not be online much this week. I do have to work Monday (an extra day!!) thru 2:30 Wednesday. Then I will be fair bound.
Oh--the farmers muffins and grilled ham and cheese sandwiches from the cheese booth are caling my name.!!

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