Monday, August 18, 2008

Another Fiber Full Weekend

This past weekend my friend Jane and I went to the Michigan Fiber Festival in Allegan. This is first time I actually went with someone and it was fun. I tried to restrain myself but did score some wonderful black wool silk blend--a full pound--that is pre-drafted and ready to spin. And also splurged on another blend, polworth wool/angora/silk/alpaca in a luscious pink called Raspberry Rabbit. Yum. Very inspiring and lots of fun. I didn't even bother taking my camera, I was too busy browsing. Jan, who is legally blind, brought her seeing eye dog, Roxie. Roxie did much better this time. I think she is more used to wool fumes and knows they will not try to attack us.
Jane and I also met up with several friends for lunch. And when I took my bag of wool from the fair to Zielengers wool mill trailer to be processed, another Jane was there with her wool from the fair as well. In dropping off my wool, I also gave them some brown Shetland I had gotten a year ago, but didn't scour out the greasy lanolin when I washed it. They are going to do a 2 way blend and I am really excited to see how it turns out. Especially when I saw how little processing cost.
Hubby's brother Carl stopped by today, before I went to help out at Jane's store. He is going to help Hubby repair the ceiling in the boys room. (Plaster damaged from leaky roof) They started planning and now are going to pull up the plaster and re-sheet rock the entire room. I may have to wait longer than I thought for my craft room.

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