Monday, August 18, 2008

Knitted Tam--Done

I love fast projects. I had this finished before I could even get a chance to post a picture. Here is an "in-progress" before I started the decreases. It is a worsted weight wool called Donegal Tweed. I really like the rustic look of it.

After spending most of the day yesterday plying up the last of the blended "October Sky" roving in a beautiful burgundy, rust and yellow, I dug out the needles and finished the hat in short order. (Time flies while watching a good classic movie--yesterday was Gene Kelly day on TCM channel. Topped it off with a little tag of I-cord and here is the finished tam.
It is still on the platter I used to block it on. I am not sure if I liked it better with or without being blocked.
Next, swatching for a cardigan. I have some tweedy long with long varigations. It is a good quality acrilic called Marble. That will definitely be a long term project, so will need to at least finish the Cinnamon Wave Wrap for church before getting into this too far. I have many decisions first anyway. I will not be using a pattern, so need to decide top up vs top down. I have already decided against steeks. I think I have decided on the size 7 needles/5 stitches per inch. But I may extend the swatch with size 6 to see what that looks like. The yarn is DK weight and someday I will get a picture.

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