Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fair Week--Wednesday

What a busy week. I was only at the fair half a week this year, but boy was it a full week. In an effort to prevent huge posts, I will try to make a few posts, with only a days worth of activities.
Wednesday I left work at 2:30 and trucked on over to the fairgrounds. Of course with all the road construction in town, I ended up detouring just to go the first 2 blocks. What a pain road construction season (Michigan summer) is this year. Even in town.

When I got there I made a quick wander around and through. I saw most of the people who would want to come to the Grease Fest on Friday and reminded them. (You will hear about that on Friday's recap.)

Ate fair food and was going to watch the Farm Olympics. This is where couples compete in an obstacle course interspersed with various tasks--measuring 20 pounds of oats, bale tossing, hanging a gate and other odd and ends. One team member pulls the other in a racing sulky, stopping at each task. Here is a picture from when Oldest Son competed a couple years ago. Then I noticed a huge black cloud approaching. I ducked into the dairy barn instead and while the black cloud went over quickly, shortly afterward the rain came. It poured. After the rain stopped, I decided to just go home, although the Olympics did finish later in the show arena. For some reason they didn't want to continue in the open with people on metal bleachers, in case of further showers and lightening. I went home and collapsed.
End of first (half) day at fair. Tomorrow the dairy show.

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