Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fiber, Fiber, Fiber, (And I Don't Mean Bran!)

Fun and exhausting day yesterday. Rachel, her sister and nephew and I all went to Charlevoix for a fiber festival held in a stone castle. Our buddy Jane was unable to come, as she was helping her hubby survive visiting grandchildren. (Same thing happened to her for the Michigan Fiber Festival last August. She must manage her social calendar better.)
What fun we all had. Spent too much, but it all fit in the car so I guess we are good. We couldn't get Rachel's sister to induldge in a spinning wheel, but she was convinced to try a drop spindle.
Since I am using the desktop and not my laptop with the available photo editing software, I am not sure if I can get pictures to come through or not. But we will try.
First here is a picture of Rachel and a Ravely user who met us there. I don't do as much chatting or lurking in groups as Rachel, so do not know as many people. But it was fun to meet someone to knew our Ravely names.
We wondered around aimlessly. I will admit to have been overcome by wool fumes almost from the start. My major finds were some more medium gray Shetland, a new Walnut spindle, about a pound of merino/tencel mix (I've never worked with the tencel) and, my big buy, a bundle of just over 2 lbs of peachy pink merino. So soft and yummy. In the spirit of the successfully Tour de Fleece, I have set myself the goal of having this spun up by the end of August. (Shooting for sport to worsted weight.) Failing that, I MUST finish it before the Northern Michigan Lamb & Wool Festival in September. I will not let myself buy more if this is not done. (Please do not hold me to that!!)
I also found the book 2-at-a-time Socks, and a locally made sock blank to try to dye and knit up on one long needle. I am so excited. I just may try kool aid dying yet. I am dreaming of colors/flavors that will look just right.
Fun continued on the ride home. We exchanged stories and laughed our way home. And, since Rachel and her hubby have a pizza party almost on the way home, we stopped for pizza. Heaven. And she sent the pizza home with me, since it is no special treat for her family.
Cold pizza for lunch and supper. I am so glad the boys are out of the house.

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