Saturday, December 15, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Snow, and more snow. Knowing my luck, we won't have any left for next week, but while it lasts we have it in abundance. Here are a few pictures.

My 12 lb farm dog frolicking in the snow.

The winter's wood. We get it in long poles and then Hubby cuts it bit by bit. This is some waiting to be cut in to furnace worthy pieces.


sandy said...

What kind of a creature is this? I am a poodle and you can just tell by looking at me that I come from royal blood lines. I am a princess and I am adorable!
I was just wondering about this creature, he looks like something I have seen before. He is interesting looking. Maybe he can come to my house to visit sometime.

Sheba Mae aka The Princess

Sheba Mae said...

What a cute doggie! can he come out and play?
Sheba Mae