Sunday, December 23, 2007

Well, I finished all my wrapping. Yes it was that wonderful holiday called wrapping day. The blizzard like conditions held off until after church so after lunch, I hauled everything into the bedroom, fired up the White Christmas DVD and started wrapping. There wasn't as much this year, so only took 1 and a half movies. (also caught part of Holiday Inn).
The weather outside is really something. Blowy and snowy. I love it. I haven't had a chance to get pictures. It was too dark when I got done wrapping.
This morning it was just windy. I was usher at church today and was glad that I wore my blue wool and llama capelet. I had to stand by the door in the entry and hold it shut. I didn't want to lock it, but if left unlocked, the wind would whip it open and bang it against the wall. And since the bishop was here, we didn't want that to happen during the sermon he was giving.
Our priest said that being the doorman in the house of the Lord was a good thing.
And just to stick in a little knitting--Here is the almost finished Cherry Festival sweater. I have the markers removed as I am starting the garter edge. Soon it will be ready for buttons and baby!

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