Thursday, December 20, 2007

Snow and turkeys--no not the sons.

What busy day. I finished my Christmas shopping, with all the stocking stuffers I should need. I rue the day I purchased larger stockings a few years ago. I shopped till I almost dropped and then managed to find time for "dinner with the aunts." We met at a different place this week for a change of pace, as well as later than usual. After dinner I followed the crowd to the local "dime store" This store is noted for having anything you can't find anywhere else. Found perfect buttons for the Cherry Festival sweater. It is coming along and I spent some time knitting on that this evening,
The snowy ground made it a bright day. I was thrilled to see a big flock of wild turkeys along the road. Well over a dozen of the big dark birds. There were also lots of snowmobile tracks in the fields I went by. Makes me remember the days of the "slowmobile" that my sons ran one winter,

I have pretty much given up on the job I interviewed for a couple weeks ago. I am hoping to hear on the application I put into the local hospital for a clerical position.

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