Saturday, December 8, 2007

Laptopping and Crafting

Ahhhh. I have my laptop functioning smoothly. I sent it home with a co-worker who is also a computer doctor. I wasn't sure what shape it was in as far as memory, viruses, etc. He tuned it up, gave me new (free) virus protection and added memory. That was the problem I had when I inherited it from Dad--slow and no memory.
Now I have to get my pictures loaded here so I can upload them and I will be all hunky-dunky.
Right now I am killing time at the local library for a while. They are having a craft day and I decided it would be the perfect place to bring in my knitters loom to warm it. plenty of room to spread out and clamp both the loom and the warping peg to long tables to make a nice long....I don't know what. probably scarf or shawl. I can only go 12 inches wide, but fairly long. I am planning on using light and dark green sport weight wool use to warp it. Then I have some variegated sock yarn wool super wash to weave with. And of course I will be throwing in spans of the two greens as I weave along. Only the lightest green is in the variegated, but I think it will look great. I will add pictures as I get going some.
And my bordered vest? Its almost there too. I've tried it on, and only have one sleeve boarder to finish. Maybe I can get a picture of me in it to post when done.

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