Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Ahhh, some things never change. Younger son is the first up, scavaging in his sock to see what he can. Shortly after, I got up. and we watched A Christmas Story on TBS. Just for 2 or the 24 hours it is playing continously. Then we wait. I forgot to get cinnamon rolls to bake. The aroma helps to get te other to family members out of bed. FINALLY, at least Hubby is up. Oldest son claims he needed to go to the farm where he works because someone didn't show up.
So he went to work and is now home sleeping on the bed, presents still unopened.
Youngest son is now at work, Hubby finally made it outside to do chores and tend the fire.
And tomorrow I'm back to work.
Still a Merry Christmas. I think everyone was happy with their gifts (at least those who have seen them.) and even though it was to icy to go to the Christmas service last night. today is a lovely day.

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