Monday, December 10, 2007

No time for me.

Wore my new vest to work today. I had to keep my fan on so as not to to be too warm, but it felt so soft and comfy good.
I thought I would have a evening alone tonight. Hubby was going to the livestock auction. Younger Son with a friend to help repair his car, and Oldest Son is never home evenings. So as I was almost ready to eat my jambalaya (which no one else will eat), Oldest Son comes home to get ready to take off again. I finally got the dishwasher going--which needs to be filled manually due to our hard water, when Hubby came home. Then as I fired up the laptop and got online, Younger Son came home and wanted online.
And I never did get a chance to assemble my new skein-winder for the Louet and wind off a full bobbin!

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