Tuesday, December 18, 2007

No progress--Knitting or Job

No knitting progress to report. Well—I do have the 2nd sleeve done on the Cherry Festival baby sweater. But now it is slow slogging through the body on the pattern rows. I have to count, and of course, everyone in the family wants to talk while I’m on those rows. Plus I may have to finish my sock in the same color to have a little extra yarn to put with this. Probably an extra 100 yards or so from that skein.
I feel lost these nights without knit nite and spinning guild each week. And of course now that Spinning Guild has been changed from Thursday to Friday, I probably won’t be able to attend very often anyway. Especially when the new NASCAR season starts in February. It has been so nice going to spinning on my day off. It’s always harder to get a chance to sit down with it at home. The guys keep wanting meals and stuff like that. (The nerve!)
Of course, before long I will have lots of days off it looks like. Nothing has been heard on the job interview I had Dec 6. When I called, they planned on having a decision last week. Since it is already Tuesday, I guess that job is gone. I did turn my name in on an application at the local hospital about 10 days ago and have not gotten a “so sorry” e-mail from them. Yet. The last time I applied there I got the rejection the next day. So that is still a possibility. But I am sure they hire from their current part time people, so I am not holding my breath on that one either.

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