Thursday, December 13, 2007

Even if I am busy, I love my Thursday off. If I get a new job (waiting to year on last weeks interview yet) I know I will probably lose this benefit. I can get lots of running around done. I picked up the remote for the dish tv in the boys room. Unfortunately, I checked and there is a cable to their tv, so I cannot switch it to my room until they pay for the remote.

If I get a new job, at comparable pay, I may invest in getting the dish for my bedroom. Either that or I will need to look into getting a new tv for the bedroom before the switch to all digital tv. With Hubby home all the time now, I can't watch as many of the classic old movies as I'd like.

Hey, I have been knitting along on the Cherry Festival baby sweater for my great niechew (as mentioned once before, we don't know yet if a niece or nephew--hence Niechew) Just started a couple days ago and already on the first sleeve. I sent my Favorite (non-military) nephew a picture so I guess I might as well share it here. Hope I have enough yarn!
Normally tonight is spinning night. But I have been notified that we are not meeting till after New Years. Dang, I really look forward to getting out and spending the night spinning. I guess I will work on my skeiner, wind off my last skein on the Louet and then start spinning my rose gray alpaca roving.

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