Saturday, December 22, 2007

3 Days and Counting

Breakfast today with one of my aunts (the crazy one as the picture will tell you.) and a couple cousins and other assorted friends.
They meet every week at a neat resturant in an old train depot. I join them about every other week or so. One of the cooks there is my cousin, but right now she is at home recovering from heart surgery. While we were there, who should walk in but Santa Clause? Since we were sitting in the bay window, we had seen him coming, walking down the street. Hmmm, Rudolf must have a flat hoof.
I brought the Cherry Festival sweater to show them. It is almost finished. Probably would have been by now, but I find it hard to knit with a dog in my lap. Then on to the blanket. Looking at the weather, I may have lots of time tomorrow. We have yet ANOTHER weekend storm blowing in. It starts tomorrow morning and runs through Monday morning. At least, even though I have to work Christmas Eve, I only have to work 8 to 5 and not 7 to 6 so I will be driving in daylight.
Oh, gosh, just forgot. Not much knitting tomorrow. It is the annual pre-holiday event known as Wrapping Day. Its when I shut myself up in the bedroom, cover the keyhole, spread a cutting board over the bed (to protect the blankets) and wrap and watch Christmas movies. I now have almost all my favorites on DVD. They will look good and get me in the mood.

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