Sunday, December 9, 2007

Decorations ramble

I got the bordered vest finished. I really like it. I was very tempted to stretch the picture to make me longer and skinner, but resisted the urge. That's all me. I am starting on the cherry festival baby sweater and have the yoke almost done. Pictures later on that one.

Still lots of snow on the ground. I see lots of houses decorated lately. I haven't felt like even getting out the tree yet. I may just do socks and presents and leave it at that.

My favorite Christmas decorations, aside from the previously mentioned WOW decoration, is normally in Reeman. Although it usually is up for a limited time, I haven't seen it this year. And you gotta realize that I have just a touch of redneck in me. As you can see by this picture of my son's "motor home" the whole family as a smidge of "redneckedness".

Anyway, this favorite light set consists of a couple of lighted reindeer. A common enough decoration. But in Reeman, it is all in the display. They take of couple of the "flying reindeer, with their stretched out legs, and hang them from the tree--as people hang their catch during deer hunting. The first time I saw it I had laughed half the way home from there. Yeah, I admit, it isn't for everyone. And it isn't particularly Christmas, but I do enjoy it.

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