Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snowy Day

Much more snow last night, although not as much as was predicted. No pictures though. I basically stayed inside. When Hubby came home from collecting Younger Son from work at 5:00am, he said for me to stay home. Roads were slippery and of course being the weeking no plows. Although Hubby did see on early afternoon, it was too little, too late to get to church.
It is definitely beginning to look alot like Christmas outside. And although most of my shopping is finished, I still haven't found the inclination to put up even our little tree.
Last year, with Dad fading fast, I didn't have much time, but did manage to get the tree out, and lit, even if it didn't get and decorations on it.
I'm not depressed, and having a great time on my niechews cherry festival sweater. But with one one else here seeming to be in the mood for it, neither am I. Today would have been the day for my wrapping day--where I shut myself in my bedroom with gifts and paper and Christmas tapes in the vcr and wrap my heart out. But instead I sat and knit and watched tv. I will plan on next Sunday afternoon for wrapping, but then just piling the up the gifts in a corner until Tuesday.
Its not Bah Humbug. Its just why bother.

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