Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Purple Period of Lent

It seems strange that the color of royalty, regal purple, is also the color used for the quiet, reflective periods of the church year, Advent and Lent. Advent is a time of preparation for the birth of Christ and runs through the four Sunday's before Christmas. Lent is the time before Easter when we prepare our hearts and souls for the events leading up to Good Friday and culminating in the great Resurrection of Easter Sunday.

Of course in Victorian times, in the historical novels, as women left off full mourning for loved ones, they got rid of the black, but started half mourning, in grays and purples. There was some mourning being done. In the same way now, as we view our lives, with our pride and lack of being all we should be, our sinfulness if you will, there is a touch of mourning for what we should be during these times.

This year, as I start my journey exploring my future in the Catholic Church, Lent feels more real and important. I am still learning what is I am to become. But I am trying to throw off some frivolousness this year,

As my Lenten discipline I am turning to my reading: No novels during this period. Poetry is allowed, and non-fiction. (Finishing "Spoon River Anthology," and my Kindle version of the lost "Cleopatra" on my apps. The Emmaeus Road for hard copy book.). I did that in the past, and really felt it did me a lot of good.

In addition this year, I am avoiding reading any of the political blogs I follow. Other blog topics are allowed, and I can watch the news, but no reading commentary until after Easter. That could even help my blood pressure!

May you have a reflective and growth filled Lent.


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