Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bullying, Brash, Blustering, Bulldozing Braggart

Just to be clear, this is a political post. Probably even politically incorrect and reflects my honest opinions.. As such, if I decide I am brave enought to share this on Facebook I will probably ignore any and all comments from those who disagree with me.

This political season has certainly been crazy. The person referred to in the title is probably easily recognizable to those who are not his fans. Those who are his fans may be stunned to find out that I am referring to "The Donald."

I admit there are some points he brings up that I can agree with.

But, (and it's a big but), the manner of presentation and behavior and rudeness of the campaign toward his opponents is extremely off putting. It is frankly rather frightening. When I see that rudeness being cheered, I can see my country has changed, but perhaps without the hope promised 8 years ago.

My Bible study group is currently studying the book of Revelations. It was preceded by the book of Daniel last fall. One thing that I have picked up this year and am clinging to, is the knowledge that there is a God in heaven, and He is in control. As I look around the country and the world, I see all manners of frightening things happening. One of the chief of these is the cheapening of lives, all lives: black, white, police, unborn and Christian. Isis is frightening. In short, while there is no way of knowing, it seems like the time is right for the end times.

The only way I can keep calm is knowing that, as I said before, there is a God in heaven. And he is on the throne, in control.

In the meantime, I better research casting a presidential write-in come November.


And just to cheer up this gloomy post, here is a snowy Lizzie.


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