Thursday, February 18, 2016

Being Accountable

I thought it would perhaps be a good idea to check in occasionally on my resolutions to help me in at least try to work towards them. Of course I didn't really call them resolutions. More like goals, at least as far as my knitting was concerned. If you want, you can see my original post on these goals dated January 8, in the archives sidebar on the right.

I wanted to work on finishing the most active projects. I did finish knitting the Lilac Cardigan, even though at the time it was dangerously close to being abandoned. The lace was seriously slow going at the time. But it still needs washed and delivered before I can say it is truly done. I also finished the Stonehenge Shawl. And the back of my Navy Tweed vest is up to the arm shaping. Although as I reported recently, it is still stopped in mid-row. The other items I mentioned then haven't been touched. Oops.

The main reason for my lack of action on the other WIPs (Works In Progress) is of course my Bang Out a Freyja. The "Banging It Out" means it is supposed to be the only project I work on. I think before long, I will be reverting to putting something else in rotation. But, on the bright side, the Freyja does help my second goal of knitting one or more cardigans for myself. I did intend making them out of stash, but hey...a sweater is a sweater.

Socks? As I mentioned in the January post I need more socks. And that is more so now. I discovered another pair that needs darning. I started one pair of smocked socks, but....Freyja happened.

So three projects have been finished so far this year, not too bad.

I haven't finished any of my Craftsy classes yet either, but I have been dabbling with them.

There were two other goals that I noted in my Bullet Journal that didn't hit the blog.

The first was to try to blog more often. My exact words were "as close to daily as possible." I think I am doing fairly well with that goal. I deliberately left myself wiggle room.

The other goal is also one I have already taken action on. It was to explore finding a new church. I think that has been accomplished. I feel quite at home at the Catholic parish I am attending now. Classes for membership won't start again until September so I have time to settle in and make a final decision.

If anyone wants to know more about this big jump. I am blogging about it at :

I will not be posting there daily, but I just wanted a place where I could record the reasons I am making the change. I also hope to simply journal about how the change progresses. Feel free to bookmark the website because I will not always be sharing those posts on Facebook as I do this blog.

And now, just to finish on a cheerful note, here is my favorite small human again.

I love that kid.


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