Thursday, February 25, 2016

Here Chick, Chick

I'm looking for chickens, or if I must, some chicks.

I mentioned a while back in a Facebook post that I was looking for a chicken coop. I have finally given up on ever being able to use our current coop for chickens. My Hubby prefers to use that building as a glorified calf hut. Newly purchased calves reside in there for a few months before being put into the barn with the other cattle.

So I checked out a few options at various locations. Those coops available at the local farm stores seemed a bit....well, chintzy. So I went to a local Amish Mini Barn company and went home with their chicken coop catalogue. Today I went back and put down a deposit on a small but sturdy coop.

The pictures above showers the chicken run of a similar sized coop. Look in the middle, to the right of the gazebo. The pictured coop is barn red, mine will be a medium dark blue with the same white trim. Over all it's only 5 X 7 feet, and half is the run. The chickens also have acces to the area under the coop, and can get out of the sun. I can scrape out the manure from the door on the end, and reach in the side hatch to get the eggs. Delivery should be in 3-4 weeks.

Once the chickens get that big, that is.

Anyone with a surplus of young hens, ready to lay? I need about a half dozen.

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