Saturday, February 27, 2016

Dreaded Crochet!

I suppose I have made it quite plain that crochet is not my friend. The relationship is tenuous at best, nothing like the way knitting and I get along.

One of the things I am dreading about when I finally get to the finishing stage of Bang-Out-A-Freyja is the crocheted edging get around bottom, neck, fronts, and sleeves. I may be able to manage it with my self taught single crochet, but I am not confident in it.

As a result, when our local yarn shop, The New Ewe, offered a class making a sampler crocheted scarf, I decided to jump for it. The class is paid for and I even purchased the yarn, Cascade 220, in a deep cranberry color.

Let's see if the relationship can warm just a bit.

I did want to share a photo of the catalogue page showing the style of my new coop. Like I said, it's like the Tiny House of chicken coops.

Isn't it cute? Just imagine it in blue with white trim.

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Alex said...

I like it. We have looked at it also.