Monday, February 29, 2016

Knitting Time

Today, Hubby had to go to the local hospital for some tests. It made for some great knitting time.

You may or may not remember these socks. They were part of the Craftsy knit along I signed up for back in January. I call them my Smocked Brown Cow Socks. The pattern is Smocked Guernsey Socks. (Brown cows, Guernseys, get it? It's a dairy farm joke.)

Everything past the ribbing was done today. I even knit through the fire drill. (The nurse told me to stay put.).

The smocking wrapped stitches leave little bumps of texture you can see in the top picture. I really am enjoying this knit, and even the wrapped stitch isn't too hard. I am quite proud of my progress.

I have been pretty much sticking to my Freyja as my sole active project. I have been watching all these pictures in the Bang-Out-a-Sweater Knit-Along. Many if not all of the knitters already have finished their sweaters. That's not surprising because their pullover pattern was knit at a much looser gauge thank my Bang-Out-a-Freyja which is a cardigan. I think I can continue to work on it at Knit Nite, but I may be able to branch out to some other projects during the week. Like these socks for example, and maybe I can finish my Blue Tweed Vest too.

Maybe I can even finish something.

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