Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014--Looking Back

I have been recording my life here since 2007.  And, as one of my readers has been reminding me every so often, I have been neglecting it dreadfully this year.  Looking at the archives on the right, I guess she is right.
I will try to do better this year.  It was the last few months that saved me from having the lowest year ever in 2014.
I blame my knitting for one thing.  It was a productive year.  I finished a total of 22 different projects, including 3 sweaters for myself!  And that is a lot of knitting!
My first finished project was this black cotton cardigan.  It ended up longer than I intended.  But considering that I winged it without a formal pattern, I was pleased with it.  I also forgot that cotton tends to grow when it is worn.
Also among my finished projects were 2 sweaters for Little Farmer, one for Lil' Farm Gal, plus a total of 8 other baby sweaters, a couple of baby blankets, shawls and hats, as well as a couple doll sweaters.  All in all, a varied year.
And of course I ended up with my new favorite sweater, the Blue Blood Red Cardigan.
This past year had its ups and downs too. 
I gained a wonderful daughter-in-law, 
as well as two of the greatest grandchildren ever.
But I lost my brother, even as I was gaining family members.  So 2014 had happy and sad moments.  But findng positives even in the losses, I think I am closer to my Sister-in-Law now.  I think we both had great fun on our road trip.
I started the year unemployed, and still am.  But I am looking forward to having time to watch Little Farmer, as well as Lil' Farm Gal twice a month when Cow Girl goes back to work.  I have time to spend on my knitting and crafts.  And with e-books, I can read and knit at the same time.  I hope to spend more time with some of my friends, including the one who is more newly unemployed. 
So here is to 2014, a great year over all.  
I am looking forward to 2015

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