Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015--Looking Forward

A new year!  All fresh and ready to explore.  No mistakes yet, no tangled yarn.  Just full of projects and possibilities.
I have been working a couple of new projects.  The left front of the Green Flowy Cardigan is far enough that I am almost through the complete cable pattern.  It is working out well so far.  I don't want to get too complacent about the cables, but this one seems fairly easy so far.
I have also started on a great cowl with the most luscious yarn.  Again it is an easy project.  I don't generally think of making a cowl for me, but it can fit more like a collar with the sawtooth edge folded over.  I have no neck for turtlenecks and such, but this is low and will still work.
The plain garter side has short rows to make that side longer, so it will lay flatter on the shoulders when finished.  And being light, this makes a great project to switch to when it gets late. The dark green can tire the eyes after a while.
I also have the vest pattern I can work on as well as a break from the green.  It is another Custom Fit pattern, just a plain vest with a seed stitch border.  It is in oatmeal bulky yarn and will be great to wear in the cold if I finish yet this winter.
With this just being the beginning of 2015, all sorts of adventures are before me.  I know I have at least 2 more sweaters for Little Farmer to work on.  And I may invest in some alpaca or something to make a cowl or shrug for Lil Farm Gal too.  Some nice soft yarn.
And who knows what new knitting adventures are yet to come.  Hello 2015.

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