Saturday, December 6, 2014

Mittens and Backs

I spent some time with the thrums and nearly have the first mitten done.

It looked pretty crowded inside as I started the decreases. But once it was off the needles and tied off, it was fine. My hand is a bit longer than Lil' Farm Gal but I was able to wiggle my hand inside with no problems. It should be a good fit for her. The first few times it is worn, her fingers need to wiggle their way in. But after a few wearings, the wool will mat down and the mitten will be easier to pull on.

Once I get my thumb out and knit in a wooly thumb it will be ready for the mate.

Before I felt like tackling the thumb, I decided to return to the Green Flowy Cardigan for a while. I would show a picture, but when you are about a fifth of the way through 123 rows of stockinette, there isn't much progress to show. Just a line of markers keeping track of rows. Maybe next time I can show a picture.

As far as the mitten, a few more thrums may be needed so I may work on them tomorrow. Those are a good thing to make while watching movies. I wonder if I can find "White Christmas" on tv?

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