Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Knitting and Other Important Things

Knit Nite tonight was very productive. I finally finished the seed stitch band on the Green Flowy Cardigan and managed quite a bit of the stockinette stretch. Of course, I still have 100 rows or so before arm hole shaping. But that was still quite a bit of progress.

I reswatched, and cast on the cuff for the first mitten.

I have a couple inches to go before beginning the main part of the mitten with the thrums. I will be sure to show pictures along the way once I get started.

I also worked some more on the Gray spiral Blankie. I had put off starting the next set of increase sections until changing to another, longer cable. It was made more tedious than need be by the fact that I first upsized to a 32 inch needle from 24 inch and then decided it would be better to upsize to a 40 inch cable needle. So instead of one step of changing needle tips, end caps and cables,I had to do the whole procedure twice. But it is accomplished and the new increase pattern isn't too complicated so that continued well. No pictures because even with a new longer needle, it still won't stretch out well to show the pattern.

And that other important thing? I paid a visit to my Little Farmer yesterday. Even if he didn't open his eyes he is still a good cuddle.

As well as awesomely cute.

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