Sunday, December 21, 2014

Nearly There!

With Lil' Farm Gal's thrummed mittens finished, I have been speeding along on the Green Flowy Cardigan.

This picture was from a couple days ago when was it just a few rows from beginning the arm hole shaping. In the mean time I have finished the shaping and have about 40 more rows to shoulder shaping. Whoo hooo!

This afternoon I wasn't able to get any knitting done. Wrapping was the order of the day.

Leo thought he was helping me.


Well...... Not so much. Since this is my folding cutting board that I use as a flat firm surface for cutting and wrapping, I beg to differ. A cat under the cutting board makes it neither firm nor flat.

But in spite of his help, and a couple interruptions to help Hubby outside, I managed to get pretty much everything wrapped. I have an odd shaped gift for Hubby that may just be handed to him unwrapped. I haven't decided yet.

But in the meantime, I have a sweater back calling my name. I better go knit.

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