Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Knitting--Check!

I sat down this evening, after not even touching yarn yesterday (yes, shocking isn't it?) and knocked off the thrummed mittens.

Shown here with the usual small fat dog included for scale, they should keep Lil' Farm Gal's hands warm and toasty. You can see how fat and stuffed the mittens are. Remember they are filled with the wool thrums.

They won't be quite so plump once all that wooly goodness felts down. They are snug on me, but should fit her wonderfully.

Here is a better picture of them.

Now back to the Green Flowy Cardigan. Once the back is finished, I plan to seam my Blue Blood Red Cardi so I can add the front and neck bands. And then wear it!

And maybe swatch something new. A Custom Fit vest I think is next in queue. And maybe another sweater for my Little Farmer.


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